MiChihuahua is always seeking to expand it's network of retailers throughout Australia including Tasmania and New Zealand.

Brand Consistency

Michihuahua packaging ALWAYS stays loyal to the brand. It is bright, bold & colourful. We have a range of product packaging to suit our products and retail displays to suit various retailer setups.Staying loyal to our brand is incredibly important to us as our Brand Identity represents our personality, products and values. All retailers and Brand Ambassadors have access to our cloud drive with branding assets to make it easy to promote our range. We can also customise assets for special events and promotions.

Product Packaging

Michihuahua packaging uses the primary colour palette, adding a touch of colour to any retail store. Our packaging is designed by us with sustainability in mind. We try to reduce unneccessary packaging and opt for reuseable solutions wherever possible. An example of this is the reuseable bag that our Essential Kits are packaged in. The bag illiminates the need for additional retail packaging that will simply be thrown away. The bag is a handy way to keep all your dogs accessories together and can be hung from a coat hook near your front door so that it is ready when you are for exciting doggy excursions.

Retail Displays

Michihuahua retail displays are custom designed by us to stay loyal to our brand. We have a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes available to suit any space, and can customise a display to fit the space of any retailer. Our displays are designed with all stakeholders in mind. We try to make sure that they fit the retailers needs. They are designed to catch the eye of customers and have a layout that makes it easier to maintain the tidiness of the display. The product packaging ensures that the contents and design/style is visible to the customer and we try to ensure that every style/size has a sample available for in store fittings.

Want to stock our products? 

If you're a retailer and would like to stock our products, please contact us to make an appointment. 

MiChi products can be purchased from the following stockists.


We distribute our designs to Redbubble. Redbubble apply our designs to their products and then sell these products on their website. We receive an artist commission. 

As Redbubble have so many products, it is impossible for us to test all the products and therefore cannot attest to the quality of the products. We provide our art designs only. We have however, done our research to ensure that they are ethical and have a commitment to sustainability and fairtrade. 

Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. The dream was simple. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. This is a print on demand service. Rebbubble promote their store as being Carbon Neutral with safe working conditions. A small footprint. 70+ high-quality products made in the most responsible ways possible. Redbubble conduct regular audits and have ethical agreements with their suppliers. 
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