Fancy art can be so pricey and it can be really difficult to find that perfect piece for your home. Why not adorn your walls with a custom pet portrait? Just admit it- your dog is the most pampered person in the house and they probably have more accessories than you do! It's time to commission a piece of art for your home and put your baby on your walls.

Portrait Details

Smooth fine art paper Matte Incredible durability and longevity Crisp and vivid colours Excellent results with black and white images Gives character to digital art Ilford GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Smooth 200gsm GLASS Non-reflective glass 

Highest quality timber frame mouldings made 100% from premium wood mouldings supplied from Australia and New Zealand’s leading manufacturers. Width: 2cm (this adds 4cm to the picture size) Colours: White, Black & Pale Oak

Simple 3-step process


Choose a photo of your lovely dog and upload with your order in the checkout screen. Need help snapping the perfect pic? Review all of our image guidelines here.


Customize your wall art. Choose from two image sizes & three colours.


Wait while our digital artists get to work hand drawing your pawfect companion. We will notify you when it is ready to ship. 

Pet portraits have a 14 day turn around, including freight. 

Photo's Of Your Dog

The photo that you upload is what will be used by our digital artist. Your dog will be in exactly the same pose as pictured. To get the very best outcome please ensure that your photo has the following:

1.) Well lit, natural lighting. Photo should have no blue effects or filters, to ensure we capture the correct coloring of your pet. 
2.) Close up, head on and showing neck. This will allow us to get a good crop of your pet's face. 
3.) Avoid overhead, blurry or overly filtered photos. These photos may result in a misrepresentation of your pet's coloring.


Original Photo

This was the original photo provided. Pablo the dog was yawning.

Graphic Illustration

This is the artists impression of Pablo, taken from the photo. You will note that it is a very similar size and exact pose.

Get Started

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